Some interesting facts about Gay marriage in the USA

Some interesting facts about Gay marriage in the USA

     635711888625109090-texas-gay-marriage-mon2 Same-sex marriage rights in the USA went through over some bumpy road to arrive where they are today, and there are still some interesting (some of them are concerning as well) facts about the state of gay marriage in the USA.

    You might think that gay marriage was brought to the USA by pilgrims, but the thing is that 11 Native American tribes recognize same-sex marriage. They might not have called it like that, and they didn’t have laws that recognized the marriage as it is recognized today, but they had nothing against two men or two women being together. These tribes recognized gay marriage rights when the states began accepting them.

    Many people say that gay people are underprivileged and that they need more legal rights that will protect their union with their beloved. Well, they are unaware of the amount of legal rights and protections gay people receive when they enter a gay marriage. There are over 1138 protections, and legal rights that come with gay marriage and that number is huge, considering only the several rights and protections that come with normal marriage.

   Lawyers that are fighting for gay marriage rights say that these are the basic rights that the gay people need to be equal with others. This might be true, but these rights cover benefits, Social Security and many other things that have no connection with gay marriage.

    Even though the law passed in the USA that allowed gay marriage on the level of USA there are still 15 states that ban it. This means that there are 70 percent or 35 states that support same-sex marriage.

   But the ban is a shaky thing as there are many court cases that are centered on this subject in those states. Their battle is supported by the fact that the battle for gay marriage is a battle for civil and legal rights of all members of LGBT community.

   same-sex-marriage No matter how many people have supported the gay marriage, there is still 33 percent of Americans that hold the belief that the gay marriage should be rejected and that gay people should have only some minimal rights. This is a defeating statistics when you compare it to the Western Europe. The USA, a land of freedom has only 60 percent of support for gay marriage, and a lot of Western European countries have over 80 percent of support (Highest support of gay marriage is in Spain, 91%).

    The USA is one of just 20 countries that allow same-sex marriage. First of the countries that allowed this type of marriage was Netherlands.

    You might not be aware of the fact, but more than half (60%) of all same-sex marriages in the USA are lesbian marriages. This isn’t the exact fact as the requirement of the gender in the process of marriage was removed several years ago.

   One interesting, but also defeating fact is that the average time the same-sex marriage lasts is around a year and a half.

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Same-sex marriage and gay rights

Same-sex marriage and gay rights

   Same-sex or gay marriage is more than just a marriage between same genders, it is a collection of legal rights for gay people. That is why we can’t talk about gay marriage as marriage only; we must talk about rights that come with it.

    Gay marriage is very important when we look at it from purely legal perspective. Once a gay couple enters the marriage, they gain a plethora of legal rights and protections that aren’t provided for people that are single.


    Marriage rights of gay people are very important part of gay rights, but these rights aren’t limited to marriage equality, they are much more. These rights are the beginning of the fight to bring equality on all levels and the right to serve in the military as any other individual. One another primary goal of these rights is to allow gay couples to adopt children or to have children through surrogacy and Vitro fertilization.

   Same-sex-marriage-marketing-1024x680 But, one fact keeps the gay community from achieving the last goal, and that is the average length of gay marriage (1.5 years). The country is reluctant to give the rights for adoption or any other way to raise children to gay couples. This decision isn’t due to the nature of the marriage, but it is due to the impact on the children that short-term family will have. Children that suffer divorce have many mental problems that must be avoided at all costs, and that is the main reason for the decision. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to have a child if you gay marriage is stable and running for many years.

    The percentage doesn’t lie, and percentage states that only 10 percent of all gay people are living in a monogamous marriage or relationship at any given moment. Of those 10 percent, only 3 percent are

   Another interesting fact is the amount of domestic violence in homosexual marriages. It might sound strange, but the amount of violence in this type of marriages is around 30 times larger than in heterosexual marriages. The main reason for domestic violence in homosexual marriages is infidelity, and this more than often leads to divorce. In several large USA cities, there were more reports of domestic violence in gay families than there were reports of anti-homosexual harassment. The numbers were almost the same, but anti-harassment cases were mostly verbal insults and domestic violence always included physical injuries.

   There are many positive facts about gay marriage, but sadly all of them regard legal rights that were passed. On the other hand, there are a plethora of same-sex marriage facts that prove that we are not ready for everything that gay marriage and gay rights come with.

   This doesn’t mean that we should ban same-sex marriage; this only means that we shouldn’t force legal rights while there are other concerns that are left unanswered. We shouldn’t pass a law that allows children to be adopted by gay couples when there are many cases in which the children are mistreated or where they suffer consequences of the early divorce.

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Living as a gay person

Living as a gay person

       Same-sex marriages are topics that are a subject of arguing. In addition to men today, there are women who demand their right to marry. Since in this kind of marriage is not possible to have a child, the child needs to be accepted. How to explain to a small child that it has two dads or two moms and his friend has mom and dad? It is one of the frequently asked questions of people who are against gay marriage. Almost in every country there are such people who are looking for their place under the Sun and who are fighting for the rights of gay couples.


    There is a large number of bloggers who daily ejected posts and videos about their sexual orientation. In the comments, we can always see fights, quarrels, insulting other people. Do we slowly transform into animals? Are marriage, plain paper and signature, worthy of hatred and strife and debate among people?

  istock_000016995701xlarge  LGBT rights aren’t high enough. LGBT members are still haunted by various people and conservative people who are fighting for their world where gay people could be completely exterminated.It is a sick point of view, and in that case members of LGBT society needs to have some protection. People of LGBT community needs to stand up for their views and to fight for their sexual orientation.

    In the lands of Middle East, where a religious law is also the civil law, there are many problems for people of this community. In those countries, anybody who is convicted of being gay is sentenced to death. This penalty is harsh especially for someone who doesn’t break other human laws.949112_1_1119-taipei-LGBT-pride_standard

    In some countries of the world, gay people can get married to their partners and in this way, they are celebrating the message of peace and the message of love. When this marriage gets the strength to climb to a higher step and form a family, then we will be able to say that gay people have everything in the eyes of human society which any other human has, dignity. Opinions on this subject are incredibly diverse. One of them is saying that gay people should be forbidden to have kids, and some are extremely pro-oriented. There are many advantages but also there are many setbacks from this point of view.

    I would say that it is extremely hard for people who haven’t expressed their feelings yet, and they have many problems in their home country. These people are suffering because they are judged and threatened by the people whom they live with, a country they live in, and everything else around them. Protests and gatherings in democratic countries are excellent presentations of conflicts and all sorts of violence which is happening on those walks for rights. Is there a place for gay people in the future? Well, there will be if they fight for their rights and if they win.

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Is there any positive thing in being gay?

Is there any positive thing in being gay?

    gay-parade_3Gay rights are something which is a subject of all sorts of theories and thoughts. Some of them have more libertarian attitude towards it while there are those who are strictly conservative about it. We won’t talk about people who have opposite opinions on this subject, but we will talk about various things which are connected to gay people and are these things positive.

    First of all, which is a good thing when it comes to being gay are gay bars. According to some experiences, gay bars are much more popular because the music is more fun, people are in better shapes, and the drinks are more potent. These are some subjective thoughts, but there is some truth in this.

    Next thing is fashion. People in gay bars tend to get better dressed. Face it; it is a common opinion that gay men and women do have more taste, and they are Gay-Bar-frontspending more and more time for their dressing and their clothes. Gay people have affection to bright, flash, and other colors which aren’t conservative at all, but they represent something opposite to standard values.

    Open relationships are common in the gay world. Monogamy is a practice in many ways, but people who are belonging to a gay group of society don’t want to hide that their relationships are quite open, and there are often partner changings in this way of life.

    If you like some music which is not accepted, well you can say that in this world it will be accepted. Gay couples like to go to the concerts of Cher, and there are mostly gay men who are dancing.

    One of these interest things is also unplanned pregnancy which is impossible in the gay world. Abortion cannot be connected to gay people in any way, and abortion should be a bigger problem of society than gay couples.

    Next interesting thing is the sexual liberation. Gay people and especially men are more willing to enjoy in various sexual experiments. It is seen as something which is liberal, and it is a complete liberation, which is based on a person tastes and likes.

    Gay couples share their wardrobes because it is the same clothes. It means that you can share more and more clothes with your partner who is somehow fun. You will notice that your wardrobe has doubled which is fun and exciting.


  Despite all of these positive things, being gay can make your environment judge you on certain things. In some countries, gay couples do not have the right of gathering and in this way, they are not treated as humans. Gay couples have a major problem when it comes to admitting your environment that your sexual orientation is different.  It can cause a major problem in your family which can lead to potentially harm. These are all the things which follow everyone who is or wants to be part of the gay world.

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Facts about the same-sex marriage

Facts about the same-sex marriage

There are many speculations on same-sex marriage. There are some conservative current and a liberal one. Conservatives want a family with traditional boundaries and liberals are expanding people sexuality up on the higher levels. No matter whether you are supporting one side or not, hear some facts about same-sex marriage and its influence on the modern world.

If you asked yourself about the legalization of the same-sex marriage, then it is known worldwide that the first country that legalized same-sex marriage was the Netherlands in 2001. The Netherlands is famous for all sorts of other liberties in general and they are especially careful when it comes to caring and saving the human’s rights. After the Netherlands, there were more countries that legalized the same-sex marriage and some of them are South Africa, Denmark, Canada etc. In the United States is legal since June 2015 and the first state to officially recognize the same-sex marriage was Massachusetts in 2004.


The United States campaign for same-sex marriages was run by its president Barack Obama who said that same-sex couples should have a right to get married. He advised citizens to give their vote and support to LGBTQ rights in Love It Forward campaign. This influenced the United States’ public opinion and thus paved the way to marriage legalization in 2015.

It is not that wonderful in the United States after all. Alaska and Hawaii were the first US states to ban the same-sex marriage in 1998. This was openly criticized as the violation of human rights. This topic was quite a “different opinion” option so it the court process was abandoned. Ban of the same-sex marriage continued in other states by law or constitutional amendments.

When it comes to the same-sex marriage in the United States, some 55% of the population was for the legalization of the same-sex marriages. The major step to gay-irelandthis was an event in 2013, where the Supreme Court removed some parts of the Defense of Marriage Act which were conservative. The federal government later accepted and equally recognized same-sex marriages, which became equal to the normal marriages.

On the contrary, in some other parts of the world like Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia people are punished with a death penalty for their sexual orientation. This is the extreme violation of human rights and we can say that bells of liberty don’t ring there.

Something which was some prelude to the same-sex marriage was its promotion in the popular culture. For instance, in TV shows, gay couples were getting married even if it wasn’t allowed by the state law. For example, those were the show “Friends” and a sitcom “Roseanne”. The popularity of these two shows explained the public why this acceptance is important and the viewers may see the approval agitation in the actions of main characters of these shows.

 Freedom of LGBT couples aren’t as high as it could be in some other parts of the world and it can be said that they are threatened by some acts which are without compromise violating their human rights.


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